Micro Mini Puppies

We are excited that you are considering getting a new Royal Frenchel pup to add to your family. You will have years of fun loving relationship that is priceless with fond memories to boot!

May we introduce them to you with the kindest and utmost regard for their inner and outer beauty, intelligence and soulful nature.

Full descriptions of the personalities of our puppies are inside each individual pup photo area if the pup is old enough to share. Our heartfelt descriptions come from knowing our pups well as individuals. Nursery pups often don’t yet have descriptions.

Size ranges are noted when we have a clear sense of the ultimate size of the puppy. Again, Nursery Pups are often undetermined until they are older. However, often we can determine a range in size early and those pups may have one or two sizes listed below depicting that range expected. Eventually, just one size will remain.

You’re Invited To Visit In Person Or On Skype

Visit us by appointment if you are close by or feel free to make a Skype appointment to enjoy meeting all the pups. See them play and meet older dogs as well.

See more on Buying Your Pup, Pricing, Deposit & Reserve Your Pup, Travel and Taking Your Pup Home.

An Update & Note From Anahata “Windy”

Hi there, Wow! First, we have been swamped by fraudulent “Royal Frenchel” breeders popping up everywhere! They think putting 2 dogs together creates a Royal Frenchel!

Remember, Royal Frenchel Bulldogs were created here at Royal Frenchel and have a number of breeds that established this hybrid breed.

Our Royal Frenchel is the only place where pups have won the award for greater health and longevity.

Ok ~ New Pup Update ~

We have a 2 litters due by Valentines Day 2019 which will have some Regular, Small & a Micro or two. So, it is a good time to get on the waiting list and see what pups are upcoming.

I am putting new pups up below which are 3 to 4 weeks old (today being Jan. 28th, 2019). Generally, pups at 4 weeks old are given a bridge price from lowest to highest based on key attributes and sizing. So enjoy the new pups there. We will be taking new photos at 5 1/2 weeks old again.

Those pups not chosen by the “Waitlisters” become available to the general public. Though I must say, more often than not, waitlist people secure nearly all of the available pups.

So, if you are serious about wanting a pup, make the small Waitlist deposit to insure you are on the list and will have a swifter opportunity to buy a pup.

It may not be time for you, but making contact might be a great idea at this time.

The Expected Wait before identifying your pup for a Small is 2 to 6 weeks – for a Regular, 2 to 8 weeks & for a Micro, 4 to 12 weeks at present.

I would love to help you find the perfect dog for family & lifestyle, so make out a contact form & give me a call when you are ready ~ then let’s get started!


AdultNurseryMicro MiniRegularSmall

Splenditty “Ditty”

A dear fellow who dreams of rabbits to chase and show you while behaving adventurously, yet all the while dreaming equally of snuggling down on your lap in your caress to enjoy the latest show of your choice. Smart as a whip, he intends only to make..
  • size: Micro Mini Nursery
  • gender: Male
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