Sold Puppies

Alfie – SOLD

Alfie is a "straight forward, hard working Guy” uh… wait a minute ~ work? oh no!  Lol!!  Dear hearted, “galumpy,”lover of life, fun loving, humorous, sincere…. That’s more like it!  Yeah, this little fella is the epitome of the sn..
  • size: Regular Small
  • gender: Male
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Lucca – SOLD To Susi & Dave

The Laughing Buddha Belly Rub Gourmet!! A long title for a very big personality who adores belly rubs! Lucca is a very happy interested in everything little man. He isn’t interested just to get after or own it, instead he has the type of intere..
  • size:
  • gender:
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Glory – SOLD

Glory is a joyous balance of sensibility, humor and sincerity.  She has the most dear heart and when you have caught her hearts attention, you will have gained the most wonderful friend who always has your back.  While at play with her siblings, ..
  • size: Micro Mini Nursery Regular Small
  • gender: Female
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