Pre-Trained Dogs for Sale

For people who have a lifestyle where it would be difficult to train a puppy, we have Pre-Trained dogs just for you. If you want an affectionate loyal companion with manners to boot, our adult Royal Frenchels are raised just for this purpose. They are house broken, harness trained, and enjoy the car. You customize their lives from there. These great dogs are available from 4-18 months and range from $1600 to $3200 depending on the level of training they have recieved.


king wk23 -02


Age 22 weeks


“King” gets his name because of his dear stately manner, besides his gorgeous head shape and body. He’s a very sweet dog who didn’t need any weaning, because he knows he’s a big dog!

King is everybody's favorite friend around the Royal Frenchel kennel. All of the puppies love him, and all of the bigger dogs enjoy playing with him. Every time we let King out to play, he comes back exhausted after a good romp with just about every eager playmate. He's all heart and simply the best dog you could ask for on all levels. He's gorgeous, friendly, smart, easy to train, docile, and regal. 

He's also one of our Special Silky Royal Frenchels.  Only a few of our silky lines are available.  They are a group of gentle hearted warriors fit for big snuggle time!


king wk23 -12King is potty trained, harness trained, crate trained, and travels well in the car.  This giant-hearted fellow is ready to share his happy life with you with ease.                                                                                                                                See King's Photo Gallery 



Enjoy watching Mr. King having a fun romp in the field in the video below.




You can see             why we call                 him King!








And the Happy Giant-Hearted Fellow!