Ricky Boy

Ricky is the “oh so subtle” guy. He’s the kind of friend you always want to have in your back pocket to pull out on a rainy day.  A humorous little fellow who loves a good time and never pushes too hard to get what he wants, he loves music and being talked to, and he’s got a real funny bone!
You can just see the little imp come out in him and it’s so much fun lighting the day with just the right dash of new perspective. 

Ricky himself ? If Ricky were a recipe, he would be a base of snuggle bun, the sweet of humor and levity and a dash of just the right depth of kind intuitive attention that you never question is always by your side. Ricky is an interested fellow in just about everything, however, just like the perfect “Metro Man” would ~ he doesn’t push to the front of the line, instead he observes until the moment has all the space he needs.  Ricky is the kind of guy you take with you when you’re trying on clothes. He’ll make your dressing room experience a heck of a lot better! Ricky’s a really fun boy… and gorgeous too!

  • size: Small
  • gender: Male
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