Pandora, our Silkie Beauty is ready for adoption! Pan is a super sweetheart, snuggle bug and great adventurer who would love to go anywhere with you. She would do well camping or in your office. She loves being a home body as well working along side you as you do your day. She also is great with other dogs, children and seniors. 

The truth is Pandora is a great family dog and really adores being a best friend. She is easy peasy! Housebroken and spayed, Pandora is smart and capable of learning quickly. She doesn’t bark unless she see’s potential threat or she needs something like water, etc. 

Pandora would need to learn to ride in a car regularly. She enjoyed it when she went to the vet here and did well traveling.

– Pandora’s life expectancy is 14 to 18 years. She is 5 3/4 yrs. old, on the smaller side at 21.8 lbs. and she is very well mannered.   $525

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